"Take Your Child to School - Visit Your Child in School"

“Every parent wants their child to have a better quality of life than they themselves had. It is the American dream, and for many African-Americans, this dream has not been realized as a result of their child’s failure in school. Education is the key to success and parents are educators’ greatest allies.”
- Joseph Dulin


  NAAPID at Night was organized in 2004 in response to requests from parents. Some parents did not have the flexibility to leave work to make a classroom visit and yet they wanted to publicly show their support. They welcomed the opportunity to participate in an evening program. This event is designed to showcase the special talents of our children during the evening.

  National African American Parent Involvement Day was established in 1995 by Joseph Dulin, founding principal of Roberto Clemente Student Development Center in Ann Arbor. NAAPID is a national call to action to get parents, all parents in general and African American parents in particular, more involved in their children’s education. Further, it is designed to address the serious achievement gap facing African American students.

  NAAPID is celebrated annually on the second Monday in February. Since its inception, NAAPID has been celebrated in 47 states and as far away as Japan, Australia, Canada, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

  Please continue to visit your child’s schools throughout the year.
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